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new to Arduino & Panstamp
05-13-2017, 11:55 PM
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new to Arduino & Panstamp
Is there a comprehensive website (or book) on Arduino and/or Panstamp?
e.g., only by chance did I stumble on #include "HardwareSerial.h" being necessary to use the functions.

When I use SerialWrite in my Panstamp code, it blinks the LED associated with the USB serial port, but what about the other serial port?

Also, where is the correct definition of Panstamp carrier board pin functions. I recall finding that some of the I/O pins that are labeled PWM didn't PWM.

If I turn on Serial Monitor, it stops execution of my code, probably waiting for keyboard input. But all I want to do is send test data from my code TO the Monitor. There must be a way to set it for only one-way comms.

Sorry for so many ques. Learning curve ;=)
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05-16-2017, 05:12 PM
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RE: new to Arduino & Panstamp
Hi Don,

Have you taken a look at our wiki?

If you are using panStamp NRG then you need to move the switch on your panStick to the inner position to enable the serial communications. The outer position is for programming the board. BTW, panStamps have only a UART.

Kind regards,

Daniel Berenguer
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